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Journal Papers
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Dimensional optimization of a two-body wave energy converter under irregular waves for the strait of hormuz January 2024
A rectified unidirectional rotary PTO for two-body wave energy converters July 2023
Experimental and numerical study of a novel unidirectional mechanical power take-off system for two-body wave energy converters July 2023
A study on the performance of circular and rectangular submerged break waters using nun-uniform FGVT method February 2023
Dimensional optimization of a two-body Wave energy converter using response surface methodology October 2022
Numerical and experimental study of the hydrodynamic coefficients and power absorption of a two-body point absorber wave energy converter October 2022
Determination of Drag and Lift Related Coefficients of an AUV Using Computational and Experimental Fluid Dynamics Methods June 2020
A new CFD method for determination of translational added mass coefficients of an underwater vehicle November 2020
Experimental modeling of the interaction between waves and submerged flexible mound breakwaters August 2020
Hydrodynamic characteristic curves and behavior of flow around a surface-piercing propeller using computational fluid dynamics based on FVM November 2019
A Computational Fluid Dynamics Investigation on the Drag Coefficient Measurement of an AUV in a Towing Tank May 2019
Evaluation of Moonpool Effects on Hydrodynamic Resistance of a Supply Vessel Using Experimental and Numerical Methods Winter 2017
Experimental Study on Reflection Coefficient of Curved Perforated Plate November 2017
Calculation of Linear Damping Coefficients by Numerical Simulation of Steady State Experiments February 2016
Hydrodynamic Analysis of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) Flow Through Boundary Element Method and Computing Added-Mass Coefficients Summer 2015
An Investigation of Free Surface Effects on Drag and Lift Coefficients of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) Using Computational and Experimental Fluid Dynamics Methods November 2014
Numerical and Analytical Investigation on Accelerated motion of an Underwater Vehicle Summer 2013
Numerical investigation of bubbling gas-solid fluidized bed dynamics in 2-Dgeometries December 2002
A Study of Bubbling and Slugging Fluidized Beds Using the Two-Fluid Granular Temperature Model March 2001
Numerical Modeling of Gas-Solid Fluidized beds Using the Two Fluid Approach Winter 2001
Finite Element Simulation of Incompressible Flow Past a Heated/Cooled Sphere December 1998
Conference Papers
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Determination of a plunger type wave maker characteristics in a towing tank Fall 2010
Calculation of Linear Added mass Coefficients for a submerged vehicle Using Numerical and Analytical Methods Spring 1394
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Hydrodynamic Coefficient and their measurement methods Winter 2002

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